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IBM Claims z13 Is World's Most Powerful Mainframe

By - Source: IBM

IBM announced the new z13, billed as the most powerful and sophisticated computer system in the world.  The z13 is the result of 5 years of development at a cost of over $1 billion. Using the world's fastest processor to deliver high speed data encryption and embedded analytics, the z13 is aimed at fulfilling the needs of the new mobile app economy, capable of processing 2.5 billion transactions a day, or the equivalent of 100 cyber Mondays.

The z13 microprocessor is 2X faster than the most common server processor, and the z13 has 300 percent more memory and 100 percent more bandwidth and vector processing power than was previously available.

As each mobile transaction can trigger from four to 100 additional system interactions in what is known as the “starburst effect”, companies need not only supply the processing power and bandwidth to handle these interactions, but also ensure the security of each interaction point. The IBM z13, combined with the IBM MobileFirst Platform, can provide 2X the encryption speed of previously available systems for safer mobile business transactions.

The z13 embedded analytics capability has the power to perform real-time analytics to not only assist in fraud protection, but to assist businesses in recognizing buyer purchasing habits, facilitating customer loyalty programs, and identifying cross-sell and upsell opportunities as they arise.

The IBM z13 supports Hadoop for analysis of unstructured data as well as the DB2 BLU for Linux in-memory database, giving the z13 platform Big Data analytics capabilities.

The z13 can provide the basis for a company’s cloud architecture, capable of running up to 8,000 virtual servers and over 50 virtual servers per core. The z13 is based on open standards, with support for Linux and OpenStack. According to IBM’s internal tests, the z13 can lower the cost of running cloud by almost 50 percent compared to an x86/distributed server environment with a 30 percent increase in performance.

IBM will also preview a new version of the z/OS software that will offer enhanced in-memory analytics and enhanced analysis of mobile transactions.