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IBM Adds Analytics And Cloud To Mobile Services Platform

By - Source: IBM

IBM announced updates to the IBM Mobile Services Platform, bringing new enterprise analytics and a desktop-as-a-service feature to mobile devices. These new capabilities allow businesses to see exactly how mobile platforms are being used within their organizations and enable them to bring all of the functionality of a desktop to mobile devices via the cloud.

"The trifecta of mobile, cloud and analytics services are turning the mobile device into a powerful business tool that lets companies quickly use them for sales, marketing and employee productivity," said Rich Esposito, general manager, Mobility Services, IBM. "Now these businesses need the tools that let them manage the performance of their applications to make sure they deliver impactful results from any individual’s device of choice."

A recent study by Juniper Research predicts that the number of consumer-owned mobile devices used in business will exceed 1 billion by the year 2018, while an IBM survey found that 54 percent of business leaders say that their company struggles with the ability to integrate mobile applications with existing systems. The management and support of this growing infrastructure will create many challenges for businesses in the immediate future.

IBM Mobile Infrastructure Analytics, delivered via a software-as-a-service model, gives businesses insights into how mobile devices are used by their customers as well as their employees. Data is presented within a dashboard that allows system admins to easily monitor performance and take measures to deal with system issues. An early warning system powered by IBM Tealeaf CX Mobile technology can detect mobile user problems such as app failures, usability issues, failed transactions and more.

IBM is rolling out a new desktop-as-a-service for mobile devices as a subscription, delivering the capabilities of the Citrix Workspace suite over an IBM SoftLayer cloud infrastructure. This service is IBM’s latest addition to its Mobile Services Portfolio and can transform an employee's mobile device into a full featured work desktop.

The updated IBM Mobile Services portfolio is available now.