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IBM's Idea of the Next Era in Servers: 'PureSystems'

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

A "cloud system in a box" is the next step in Big Blue's plans for enterprise computing.

A "cloud system in a box" is the next step in Big Blue's plans for enterprise computing.

The quest to find and define the "next era" of computing has, in tIBMIBMhe personal computing space, recently become a contest between Apple and traditional PC manufacturers.

In the enterprise computing arena, however, a "next era" of computing has always been business as usual as the very high-end of computing is in a constant need to reinvent itself to deliver business advantages to customers. IBM believes it is about to define a "next era" of enterprise computing - an era that is heavily driven by the Cloud and a capability to reduce maintenance cost for IT departments.

PureSystems is the first member of a new product family that is marketed under the name "expert integrated systems" and offers a server package consisting of virtualized servers, storage and networking, whose value is in the included software. IBM says that the product represents a ready-to-go "cloud system in a box" that is enabled by the company's cloud management software. Most significantly, IBM promises that a PureSystems installation is able to "automatically handle basic, time-consuming tasks such as configuration, upgrades, and application requirements" across all of its hardware components, including 14 compute nodes, SAN networking switches and storage.

According to IBM, PureSystems is also suited to serve as a foundation for software-as-a-service apps in a private or public cloud system, with more than 100 ready-to-deploy apps currently available from IBM's partners. Detailed pricing was not announced, but IBM said that ordering as well as financing is available.

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