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IBM Platform Adds Skytree Infinity Advanced Machine Learning

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

IBM and Skytree have announced a partnership whereby the Skytree Infinity machine learning platform will run on top of IBM’s PureData System for Analytics data warehousing appliance. This allows organizations to combine enterprise grade predictive analytics, machine learning, and data warehousing in a single server.

The IBM PureData System for Analytics appliance is built as a standards-based data warehouse and analytics appliance combining compute and storage capabilities in a single system designed to run analytics on massive data volumes. The appliance is available with 1 to 8 racks, up to 1,120 CPU cores, and 896 FPGA cores with storage capacity up to 1.5 PB. The IBM PureData System for Analytics uses the IBM Netezza Platform database software running on top of Red Hat Linux Advanced Server 6.5.

The Skytree Infinity software platform is designed to process large volumes of varied, high velocity, structured and unstructured datasets. Skytree Infinity features advanced data preparation with machine learning-based transformations for data munging and cleaning. Python and Java APIs allow developers to leverage existing skill sets.

Skytree Infinity allows access to a variety of big data formats such as HDFS, Sparse, Hive, Dense and more. Skytree Infinity has advanced data modeling capabilities with automatic tuning to reduce model development time and a model repository. Skytree Infinity features highly scalable machine learning algorithms for tasks such as regression, clustering, classification, dimension reduction, multidimensional querying and density estimation.

"IBM's PureData System for Analytics represents a best-in-class platform for data warehouse appliances and enables our customers to overcome the challenges of big data with simplicity, speed and affordability. The partnership with Skytree complements IBM's system with predictive analytics and machine learning to help ensure our customers stay ahead of the curve with their big data initiatives," said Jim Sharpe, president of Sharpe Engineering, IBM Infosphere Streams Partner and Skytree Alliance Partner.