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IBM SoftLayer & Cloudera Bring Big Data To Bare Metal Cloud Platform

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IBM owned SoftLayer in collaboration with big data service provider Cloudera has introduced a multi-server SoftLayer infrastructure system that is capable of running the Cloudera platform to enable on-demand Apache Hadoop deployments in the cloud.

Cloudera's Hadoop solution is usually installed on-site onto bare metal servers. While still installed on bare metal servers, this new on-demand system is designed for faster design and deployment using IBM's SoftLayer bare metal cloud platform and will make Hadoop an easier choice as a cloud option.

Because the Cloudera and Hadoop combo have higher resource needs than traditional virtualized cloud technologies the SoftLayer bare metal cloud platform servers are expected to deliver higher performance compared to virtual cloud servers.  This is also a pay as you go solution.

"Running big data applications on bare metal servers gives users both the raw performance and consistency they need to analyze vast amounts of data in real-time,” says Marc Jones, VP of product innovation for SoftLayer. "The ability to provision a large scale Hadoop cluster in just a few hours sets this offering apart with speed and agility. We’re pushing the envelope of what’s possible on the cloud by giving enterprises the power and flexibility they need to tackle the toughest workloads."

Apache Hadoop was designed to manage large amounts of data using parallel processing with industry standard servers.  Both Cloudera Standard and Cloudera Enterprise editions include open-source Apache Hadoop software.

According to SoftLayer, "Cloudera Enterprise adds in Cloudera Navigator for data management, technical support, indemnity, and open source advocacy. Cloudera Enterprise includes everything in Cloudera Standard plus an additional set of Cloudera Manager features and support for the core projects in CDH, enabling customers to store, process, and analyze more data, types and formats, than legacy technology while being very cost effective. Additional capabilities such as data management and disaster recovery can be added to Cloudera Enterprise through add-on subscriptions."

Some of the benefits of this team-up are:

  • On-demand design and deployment of Cloudera applications in real-time using SoftLayers Web-based Solution Designer;
  • Using high performance, optimized, and dedicated bare metal servers to analyze large amounts of data;
  • Scalability of the infrastructure;
  • Best-practice deployments based on SoftLayers and Cloudera's experience and expertise.

This service is available now and the cost of the SoftLayer and Cloudera solution starts at $699 per month and includes an Intel Xeon 5620 based server outfitted with 24GB of RAM and two 500 GB SATA storage drives.  If the customer needs to extend the solutions capabilities they can subscribe to Cloudera's expert support when ordering.

For more information on options and pricing see the SoftLayer Cloudera Hosting page.


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