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IBM's Software-Defined Infrastructure Technology Pushes The Limits Of High-End Analytics

By - Source: IBM

IBM announced an expansion in its software-defined infrastructure lineup that is able to manage a wider array of data center hardware and software platforms, and turn up the performance of high-end workloads like Apache Spark. IBM Spectrum Computing uses a software-defined approach to managing resources through cognitive scheduling policies and as a result can deliver faster performance on even the largest applications running at scale through public, private and hybrid clouds.

IBM Spectrum Computing is made up of three individual software components, each playing a part in the automated data center management platform:

  • IBM Spectrum Conductor is the foundation, and it integrates into cloud infrastructure and open source frameworks. 
  • IBM Spectrum Conductor with Spark builds on that foundation, applying similar management to Apache Spark to improve analytical results, making them up to 60 percent faster. 
  • IBM Spectrum LSF provides workload management software that can aid in research and design projects by controlling the pooling and sharing of resources.

The target markets for a solution such as this are typically enterprises that are performing intense compute workloads, such as genome sequencing, weather pattern analysis, scientific research and large scale design projects.

But the high end markets aren't the only enterprises that will be eyeing options for a software-defined data center, if not now then as part of their long-term plans. As IT requirements such as storage and compute continue to expand, many IT departments are faced with stagnant or shrinking budgets. Solutions like IBM's software-defined data center, which can do more with the same amount of resources, are going to be a growing market in data centers in the coming months and years.

"Data is being generated at tremendous rates unlike ever before, and its explosive growth is outstripping human capacity to understand it, and mine it for business insights," said Bernard Spang, vice president at IBM Software Defined Infrastructure. "At the core of the cognitive infrastructure is the need for high performance analytics of both structured and unstructured data. IBM Spectrum Computing is helping organizations more rapidly adopt new technologies and achieve greater, more predictable performance."

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