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IBM Verse Social Mail Built On Cloud, Social, Analytics Technology

By - Source: IBM

IBM has announced the new IBM Verse enterprise email platform. IBM Verse is an outgrowth of a $100 million R&D investment seeking to combine cloud, analytics, social, and security technologies to enable new ways for a company’s employees to communicate and share information.

IBM Verse unifies the various ways that employees interact – email, calendar, meetings, messaging, video chats etc. into an “at-a-glance” user interface and uses analytics to tailor the view to an individual’s needs.

 “The convergence of analytics, cloud, social, and mobile technologies is not just impacting our personal lives, it's profoundly changing how we work,” said Bob Picciano, Senior Vice President, IBM Information and Analytics Group. “These forces are reshaping how people make decisions, create and share new ideas and collaborate across teams to get work done. With IBM Verse, we challenged our design teams to use analytics to completely reimagine the social collaboration experience to focus on engaging people and driving outcomes, not managing messages and inboxes.”

IBM Verse allows users to share information with individuals or groups across a broad spectrum of devices using an interface optimized for web and mobile devices. IBM Verse was created by IBM scientists in collaboration with input from visual artists and product design specialists. Analytics technology in IBM Verse social email discovers and then prioritizes tasks. IBM Verse can even predict user preferences and behaviors to create a custom employee experience. A faceted search feature can quickly find information across multiple content types within IBM Verse.

In the future, users of IBM Verse will be able to integrate Watson analytics into their collaboration environment. IBM Verse uses the associations between the people and groups involved in tasks to bring understanding to users that they can use to provide more effective project management.

IBM Verse is hosted on SoftLayer cloud with enterprise-grade security. IBM Verse will be available in a beta release this month. A free version will be available to individuals via the IBM Cloud Marketplace in Q1 2015. An iOS and Android app will also be available at a later date.