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RDMA Over Converged Ethernet Gets A Boost With RoCE Initiative

By - Source: IBTA
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In order to promote the advancement of RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE -- pronounced "rocky"), the InfiniBand Trade Association (IBTA) announced the launch of the RoCE Initiative. Targeting the growth of RoCE in the enterprise environment, the initiative will provide education and resources for IT pros at all levels to learn and understand use cases and benefits of RoCE.

So what is RoCE, you ask? In a nutshell, it all starts with RDMA.

RDMA, or Remote Directory Memory Access, is an HPC technology that provides a low latency transfer of information between compute nodes at the memory level, which bypasses the operating system. In the process, network adapters work directly with application memory, allowing RDMA transfers to eliminate the need to involve the CPU, providing a more efficient and faster way to send data.

RoCE, now in its second version, is a routable protocol that takes RDMA and puts it on Ethernet networks. Not just a supercomputing technology anymore, RDMA now makes its presence known in the corporate data center.

The IBTA is an association dedicated to maintaining both the InfiniBand and RoCE specifications. With an impressive list of networking and supercomputing companies backing it, including Mellanox, Cray, Intel, Microsoft, Dell, IBM and Oracle, the association promotes both technologies through its website, events and literature.

"The RoCE Initiative will be the leading source for information on RDMA over Ethernet solutions," said Barry Barnet, co-chair, IBTA Steering Committee. "The IBTA remains committed to furthering the InfiniBand specification, of which RoCE is a part. The RoCE Initiative expands our potential audience and will enable us to deliver solution information and resources to those requiring the highest performing Ethernet networks."

The new RoCE Initiative website, online now, will include industry-written solution briefs, technical whitepapers and educational materials that will help spread the word of how RoCE can help business networks handle their growing infrastructure, especially with the surge in technologies like Big Data, cloud computing and storage taking precedent in today's datacenters. As expected, the RoCE Initiative will also include a blog and newsletter subscription that will keep readers updated on the latest RoCE-related happenings.