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Corporate IT Solutions Uses IndependenceIT Cloud Workspace Suite To Extend DaaS Offering

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

IndependenceIT, a Desktop as a Service platform provider, announced the successful implementation of its Cloud Workspace Suite software by Corporate IT Solutions Inc.

Cloud Workspace Suite (CWS) is software that enables IT departments flexibility in their Desktop as a Service strategy by building off of a library of more than 1,000 apps that can be virtualized. IT can choose from virtualized versions of off the shelf software such as QuickBooks, or wrap their own applications.

The applications can be delivered independently of desktops, or they can be incorporated into desktop images that are distributed to users. Virtual desktops can be Mac, Linux or Windows images. There are also integration components that include Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings from multiple providers such as Salesforce and Box.

Cloud Workspace Suite does not rely on any particular cloud provider, instead operating with both public and private multiple cloud providers. Customers that use OpenStack, VMWare, Hyper-V, Azure, Google or Amazon for their cloud resources can use CWS to build their service on.

Corporate IT Solutions service grew from a Microsoft consultancy into a Managed Service Provider, but as the company grew, it increasingly needed to scale its service to include managed desktops. The result was a desktop as a service offering to its customers, pCloud Workspace.

"Prior to selecting Cloud Workspace Suite we ran a bake-off that included several solutions. The review revealed the strength of IndependenceIT's software. It was not only the easiest to use, but also the most flexible with operational advantages that outshined competitive solutions," said Joshua Dinneen, executive vice president, Corporate IT Solutions. "Cloud Workspace Suite's automated workflow was also a big factor in our decision making process because of the advantages it provided in efficiency and cost control. Overall, it is a cutting edge solution that puts us out front in terms of innovation."

The selection of CWS for pCloud Workspace is another highlight for IndependenceIT, which was recently named as one of 2015's "Cool Vendors in Infrastructure Services" by Gartner Inc.

"We applaud Corporate IT Solution's success in the development and delivery of pCloud Workspace," said Seth Bostock, CEO of IndependenceIT. "While solution complexity can be a significant roadblock in configuring and deploying DaaS, the technology behind the automation of our software is a tightly integrated tool set and API that coordinates the activity of the hypervisor and of the Windows OS, Windows API and Windows Active Directory. Together, these tools coordinate all tasks required to manage virtual machines in a multi-tenant architecture, allowing our partners to focus on solution sales and the growth of their business."