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IndependenceIT Enhances Remote App Capabilities Of Cloud Workspace Suite

By - Source: IndependenceIT

IndependenceIT announced an enhanced version of its Cloud Workspace Suite (CWS) software. Revealed at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, the update significantly improves the remote application interface, giving CWS customers an option similar to Azure RemoteApp but with some key improvements around flexibility and management.

By using the new features of Cloud Workspace Suite, IT staff can provision applications for their users as a cloud offering. The applications can then be delivered along the many other virtual desktops or by provisioning individual applications to users.

On the front end, the remote application delivery takes advantage of a simple to use management interface. Whether you have just a few users or hundreds, the management can be done through a GUI interface, or programmatically through an API. 

On the back end, the remote application can be set up on any or all of the cloud providers that Cloud Workspace Suite has connections to, so users aren't limited to only using Microsoft Azure, as you would with Remote App. Other public cloud vendor solutions, including Google Compute and Azure Web Services, as well as private cloud offerings running OpenStack, are all supported.

Another feature is enabled by being centrally administered through the CWS Management platform: the ability for those apps to make use of connections to corporate file structures. This allows easy administration for the IT staff, fewer questions fielded by the helpdesk, and an easier time for users that are trying to save files, as their familiar file shares are able to be leveraged. 

IndependenceIT is positioning itself in a growing space in IT -- that of an open management platform able to provide a central management point to abstract the different public and private cloud vendors. IndependenceIT was recently chosen by Corporate IT Solutions to help deliver the popular Goldmine CRM software to the cloud.