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Skype Integration for Outlook, Lync ... and Xbox?

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Skype Integration for Outlook Lync ... and Xbox?Skype Integration for Outlook Lync ... and Xbox?Microsoft makes plans to integrate Skype’s instant messaging, voice and video calling service with Lync as rumors reemerge of Skype’s integration with Xbox.

During the Lync 2013 Conference in San Diego, California the keynote included information on plans to integrate Skype with Lync. The announcement, presented by Skype’s president Tony Bates, follows recent endeavors in connecting other Microsoft solutions with Skype, mainly Outlook and Messenger.

In the upcoming release of Lync, users will be able to make and receive Skype calls and instant messages within Lync. In addition users will also be able to see their Skype contact presence in Lync allowing for less switching between the interfaces. 

Microsoft acquired Skype in October 2011 making it a new business division with a mission to interconnect communication on a variety of devices and platforms. Soon after the acquisition rumors started about Skype integration in Xbox after several Microsoft job postings hinted at Skype Xbox integration. The recent Lync integration announcement along with the news of Skype replacing MSN Messenger, the likelihood of Skype coming to Xbox is growing.

The recent plans to integrate Skype with Lync come just weeks after a successful launch of Skype integration in Microsoft’s Outlook. Just last month Skype released update 6.1 for Windows which includes interoperable feature for Microsoft Outlook 2010 and 2013. You might have noticed a colored box next to email addresses in your Outlook allowing you to see the availability of your Skype contacts in your Inbox. Skype 6.1 also allows you to make an audio or video calls (both paid and free) or send an instant message without leaving Outlook. Microsoft is also planning on migrating Messenger users to Skype starting in April. 

Skype call and instant messaging integration with Lync is expected to arrive in June 2013 with video capability following at a yet to be determined later date.

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