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Intel Launches Cloud Server Security Suite At RSA

By - Source: Intel Security

Intel Security unveiled several new applications designed to integrate with its McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) console to protect user data in the public cloud. The McAfee Public Cloud Server Security Suite extends security services to servers in the Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and other public cloud environments, although at launch the company is focusing just on the AWS environment.

Joakim Lialias, director of Data Center and Server Security Product and Solutions Marketing at Intel Security, told Tom's IT Pro that many users are moving to the public cloud and hybrid environments but fail to put protections in place for their remote data. "It's best to protect servers no matter where they are," he said, but he noted that sometimes it can be difficult to add security to servers the corporate IT department cannot physically access.

Before a company can protect confidential assets, he said, the company needs to know where those assets exist. The McAffee applications provide visibility into the public cloud to identify personally identifiable information or other confidential data so that appropriate security protections can be configured through the ePO console. "If you cannot see what out there, you can’t protect it," he noted.

Among the capabilities being added are change controls for identifying users or applications making changes to the system, and an application whitelisting feature that prohibits any application from running on a server unless it is specifically authorized.

This latter capability, Lialias said, is one of the most proactive actions a company can take against malware. By requiring that all running applications be whitelisted, malware that is introduced to a system will not be able to run its payload. While not eliminating the malware from the server, whitelisting renders it inoperable, he said.

Pricing for the cloud security software will be a tiered model based on 100-hour blocks that are priced at $8 per block.

Other capabilities released by Intel include the McAfee Next Generation Firewall designed to improve the ability to prevent data exfiltration, McAfee Email Protection 7.6.4 that integrates with Enterprise Security manager to defend against phishing and identify indicators of attacks, and McAfee Enterprise Security Manager 9.5 that adds threat management and provides advanced analytics found in McAfee Advanced Threat Defense.