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Intel Updates Big Data Analytics Tools for Hadoop

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Intel announced updates that provide better security and performance for several of its big data analytics tools for use with Apache Hadoop

Intel has been working with Carlos Guestrin from the University of Washington on alternative ways to help organizations get useful information from large, unstructured, sets of data. The focus of Intel and UW's GraphLab has been on developing a framework for working with Graph Databases used to help define connections between sets of data.

Continuing along that path, Intel is releasing new versions of three tools that apply Graph Database technologies to Apache Hadoop data as well as an upgrade to Intel's Distribution and Security support for Apache Hadoop.

The centerpiece is the Intel Graph Builder for Apache Hadoop, a collection of software libraries used to build graphical models that represent real-world relationships between pieces of information not easily brought together for comparison. For example, a company could build a model that shows the purchasing history of a product from an in-house system and relate it to social media data (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc.) about how customers feel about the product. This software package is expected to be available for Intel Distribution in January 2014.

Intel's Analytics Toolkit for Apache Hadoop is a toolkit that provides a set of common algorithms, which includes graphs and network-based clustering, that can be customized by the organization. These algorithms are industry neutral and can be used to generate predictive behavior patterns based on the organization's specific requirements.

The Intel Distribution for Apache Hadoop software version 3.0 includes upgraded security for the recently released version of the Apache Hadoop open source software. Intel Distribution includes support for Apache Hadoop 2.x and upgrades for MapReduce, HDFS, Hive, and HBase. According to Intel, the new version is 20x faster at encryption and includes decryption of data at rest, transparent encryption of data in process in HBase, MapReduce, Hive, and Pig applications. The latest release supports additional Hadoop compatible file systems and high availability feature in HDFS.

Intel also offers the Expressway Tokenization Broker, a gateway appliance for companies that have to meet compliance requirements for PCI-DSS (retail), HIPAA (healthcare), Sarbanes-Oxley (financial), or EU data privacy regulations. The appliance anonymizes and encrypts in-flight regulated data and can support 1 billion tokens.

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