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Intel Intros Internet of Things-Ready Self-Encrypting SSDs

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

Intel has announced a new line of IT-oriented SSDs, the Intel Pro 2500 Series, as part of its larger Solid State Drive Professional family of products. The drives include hardware-based self-encryption and are ideal for use in embedded or Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

The Pro 2500 Series SSDs are self-encrypting drives (SEDs) that use 256-bit AES encryption and meet the Trusted Computing Group's OPAL 2.0 standard. The SSDs also support Microsoft eDrive use. Read:
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"The Intel SSD Pro 2500 Series is the second-generation OPAL-based client storage solution that helps IT departments protect users' data and also provides valuable features to reduce operational costs," says Candace Worley, senior vice president and general manager of Endpoint Security at McAfee.

Remote management features are another aspect up for consideration. With a combination of Intel vPro Technology and Intel Setup and Configuration Software, IT departments can monitor drive health and view any failures that may be occurring. The new drives are designed for an Annualized Failure Rate (AFR) of below one percent.

With the new Pro 2500 Series, Intel is also adding to its SSD toolbox an improved SSD Pro Administrator Tool. It includes security management features, the new Microsoft eDrive capabilities, and SSD reset.

Finally, the Pro 2500 Series offers several low-power consumption features, including five different power settings, potentially reducing idle power consumption to the micro-watt level.

The Intel Pro 2500 Series SSD is available in 2.5-inch or M2 form factors. Image courtesy of Intel.The Intel Pro 2500 Series SSD is available in 2.5-inch or M2 form factors. Image courtesy of Intel.

In terms of technical specifications, the drives are offered in M.2 and 2.5" form factors, with both providing bandwidth of 540/490 Mbps in sequential reads/writes. The M.2 models range from 180GB to 360GB of capacity, while the 2.5" models range from 120GB to 480GB. Both form factors offer up to 80K random IOPS.

"The Intel SSD Pro 2500 Series offers a sound foundation for any data security program, incorporating hardware-level encryption without impacting drive performance," according to Bill Solms, president and CEO of Wave Systems.

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