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Slideshow: Intel Processors Over The Years

Slideshow: Intel Processors Over The Years
By , Christopher Miconi
Intel Processors 1971 - 1974: 4004, 8008 & 8080

Here's a visual walk through the history of Intel processors from the early 1970s to today, starting with the 4004 chip.

The 4004, manufactured from 1971 to 1981, was the first commercially available processor as well as the first complete CPU on a single chip. The chip was packaged in a 16-pin ceramic dual in-line package and was initially released with a clock speed of 108 KHz (and scaled up to 740 KHz). Produced in a 10 μm (10,000 nm) process, the 4004 had 2,300 transistors and delivered a performance of 0.07 MIPS.

The 8-bit 8008 replaced the 4004 in 1972 with .5 to .8 MHz clock speed and 3,500 transistors, and was primarily used in the TI 742 computer. The 8080 followed in 1974 with 4,500 transistors in 6,000 nm with up to 2 MHz and became famous for being used in the Altair 8800 as well as in Boeing's AGM-86 cruise missile.

None of these chips were sold in considerable volumes.

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