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Intel RSA Announcements: Out With Single Point Security, In With Integrated Security

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

The RSA Conference is going on in San Francisco this week, and Intel Security is taking the opportunity to announce several new enterprise security offerings. Announcements include a new next-generation firewall, McAfee Email Protection, and the McAfee Public Cloud Server Security Suite. However, the backbone of Intel Security’s services and products is the Data Exchange Layer (DXL).

The DXL is a bidirectional fabric layer that facilitates sharing of security data between Intel Security products and services. The DXL facilitates communication between multiple security products, hopefully leading to a more holistic approach to security. Fortunately, Intel Security and McAfee are pressing hard to help their new products work in tandem.

McAfee Email Protection 7.6.4 provides visibility over sender and recipient IP addresses, types of files sent, and URLs accessed through email. The biggest new addition to 7.6.4 is full integration with the McAfee Enterprise Security Manager (ESM). Additionally, the ESM also offers new integration with McAfee's Advanced Threat Defense solution.

Intel and McAfee also announced the Public Cloud Security Suite. The cloud suite is designed to monitor and protect the Guest OS, as well as any infrastructure above it. The Public Cloud Security Suite is currently available as a direct download from the AWS Marketplace.

Finally, the McAfee Next Generation Firewall 5.9, available sometime this year, mostly offers what you would expect from a firewall: granular, identity-based endpoint security monitoring. What sets it apart is integration with the Intel DXL.

With this, Intel is attempting to throw single-point security products out the window for a more integrated security infrastructure. "Attackers will always have the advantage as long as they have unlimited opportunities to determine which tactics are effective, while defenders struggle to understand the nature of what is confronting them," said Chris Young, Senior VP and General Manager of Intel Security Group.

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