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Niagara 510: 40Gbps PCI-e Smart Network Adapter from Interface Masters

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Interface Masters Technologies introduced a new member of the Smart NIC family at the Las Vegas' Black Hat Conference in late July.  This 10GbE PCI-e Smart Network Adapter, coined Niagara 510, leverages its multi-core architecture to manage high-speed network traffic of up to 40Gbps.  Other features include the ability to offload secure network services, provide packet classification and handle network protocol processing from its host CPUs.

The PCI-e x8 Gen 2 adapter is designed with four 10Gb fiber interfaces, up to 16GB of DDR2 memory and a half-length PCI-express form factor.  The Niagara 510 optimizes appliances, servers and storage systems, addressing the market's growing need for a solution that can handle intelligent network acceleration and converged datacenter application offloads. 

The Niagara will provide a solution for storage, security, DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service), DPI (Deep Packet Inspection), firewall, WAN optimization, and application delivery computing.  Geared towards industry providers focused on Telecommunications, ISP, IT Network Security, SAN, UTM, Intrusion Detection & Prevention and WAN Acceleration markets, the Niagara 510 supports application classification, extensive filtering, high-speed traffic load balancing and provides additional packet processing functionality.  In addition, it has an extensive SDK, supporting Linux and bare metal operating systems.

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