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The Top Remote Access iPhone Apps for IT Pros

The Top Remote Access iPhone Apps for IT Pros

As an IT pro, it is easy get down on smartphones and tablets. True, they're yet another type of computer you've been tasked with supporting. And, sure, it's a fact of life that nowadays you have to field calls about not just company-sanctioned mobile devices but, increasingly, those brought in by workers off the street. Even so, while mobile devices may seem to be just another added burden for you, they can also be personal allies. You just have to install the right apps. A tablet or smartphone of your own will not only make it easier for you to do your job, but to do so even when you're not in the office or conveniently situated in front of a computer at home. In this article, we present iPhone applications that enable IT pros to remotely control their own or other people's computers. With these programs, you can log into your workstation as if you were in the office, thereby performing any function or task from your hand that's possible at your desk. And, you can troubleshoot client computers from your smartphone.

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