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Top 16 iPhone Remote Management Apps

Top 16 iPhone Remote Management Apps
James Alan Miller

James Alan Miller is Managing Editor of Tom's IT Pro. He is a veteran technology journalist with over seventeen years of experience creating and developing magazine and online content. Founding editor of numerous business and enterprise computing sites at the network, James headed up the After Hours section at PC Magazine, as well as hardware and software sections of various Windows publications.

iPhone apps to manage company networks, servers and services while on the move.

Smartphones are useful tools for many reasons. But are you really getting the most out of your mobile device? If you haven't downloaded a few of the many apps available to help IT pros get their jobs done when away from the office, then the answer is no.

We can help. In this article, the latest in our ongoing series on the top mobile apps for IT pros, Tom’s IT Pro presents 16 iPhone applications that enable IT professionals to remotely access and manage their networks, servers and services while on the move.

With them installed, you could easily resolve Active Directly password and account problems for end users; query massive Internet resources and SQL databases; securely manage and gather data about servers and other assets on your enterprise's local area network; monitor, view and control virtual machines and hosts; and more—all from the comfort of home, while on a business trip or, simply, when out to lunch.

Previously, we presented ten applications to enable IT pros to remotely control their own or other people's computers from their iPhones. Next we’ll compile the best iPhone utilities for IT pros, before moving onto similar lists for those with BlackBerry and Android smartphones. Then we will select the most useful IT applications available for various flavors of tablet computers.

iStat lets you remotely monitor the status of Mac, Linux or Solaris servers.iStat lets you remotely monitor the status of Mac, Linux or Solaris servers.