IT Certification Ladders: Your Road Atlas to Career Success

IT Certification Ladders: Your Road Atlas to Career Success
Your IT Certification Road Atlas

In the physical world, a road atlas is a collection of maps assembled for the benefit of those who must navigate the highways and byways by driving across and over them. When it comes to IT certification, a great many programs often feature their own so-called "roadmaps" which describe the features on a certification landscape (the credentials available from one certification sponsor or another) and how they are all arranged and fit together.

Quite often, this also means depicting how one or more lower-level certifications can lead to another higher-level one. Overall, these relationships usually reside within a certification hierarchy or a ladder with three or more such levels to climb before reaching a pinnacle or apex certification of some kind or another.

Here on Tom's IT Pro, we will be exploring road maps for a large number of IT certification programs -- both vendor-specific and vendor-neutral -- including Cisco, HP, IBM, Microsoft, PMI, CheckPoint, SNIA, The Open Group and more. As our IT certification atlas grows, you will have a chance to inspect new certification ladders in each of these areas.

Please let me know by e-mail if you have comments, ideas, or suggestion on how this atlas might be improved.

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