Best IT Governance Certifications For 2016

Best IT Governance Certifications For 2016
By , Kim Lindros

CEOs across the world look for trustworthy professionals who can see the big picture. That's why certified IT governance pros are in high demand, especially in organizations that must meet the rigors of compliance while balancing risk against profitability. 

Today's organizations must keep a careful eye on regulations that govern financial accountability, data security and protection, and customer privacy. Add to that the need to minimize risk, maintain profitability, ensure efficiency and meet strategic goals, and presto -- there's a lot on your plate.

Because IT plays such a major role in all of these areas, organizational governance extends to IT as well, precipitating a need for serious-minded people who can tie all of these worlds together and drive them in harness to meet overarching business goals and mission statements.

IT governance adds structure to the process of aligning IT with business strategies, producing measurable results, meeting regulatory and legal obligations, and ensuring that investments result in positive gains. Several governance frameworks are available to help reach these goals, like Control Objectives for Information and related Technology (COBIT), ISO/IEC 38500 and ITIL.

In this article, we look at five IT governance certifications (in no particular order) that are well known and well regarded across a range of industries. We conducted a search of several popular job boards for the certs featured in this article (see Table 1 for more details) and found no shortage of requests from employers looking for these best-of-the-best credentials. Keep in mind that we limited the search to the United States only. Most of the certs come with hefty work experience requirements, so suffice it to say that these certs are geared toward experts who are also leaders in their organizations.

Table 1: Job Board Survey Results

BCS Information Security Foundation6064183899
ITIL Expert14029827319244

Let's take a look at the top five IT governance certifications for 2016.

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