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How High-Tech Recruiting Works (And How You Can Take Advantage)

How High-Tech Recruiting Works (And How You Can Take Advantage)

Wall Street has rebounded and several of the major stock indexes have closed at new record high levels in the last few months. Stories abound that many companies are slowly ramping up their hiring of IT professionals as the economy improves. Industry surveys indicate that increasing demand for IT skills signals the beginning of a recovery in hiring for IT job seekers. If you know your way around computer hardware and software, chances are that your market value is also on the rise as companies look to fill mission-critical IT jobs with qualified applicants. Of particular interest to recruiters are IT professionals who have experience with emerging technologies such as cloud computing, mobile apps and cyber security. With these facts in mind, the recruiting of IT talent -- either by recruiting firms or by corporate recruiting departments -- is also rebounding. Let’s see how high-tech recruiting works and what you can do to take advantage of the opportunities inherent in an increase in IT recruiting.

LinkedIn and

The top online tool for recruiters to find qualified applicants for IT positions is LinkedIn, the social network for busy professionals. LinkedIn now has over 225 million members and that talent pool is attractive to IT recruiters on the lookout for qualified candidates. Over the last year, LinkedIn has made numerous changes to the operation of its site to keep users logging-in and actively using its website facilities. The most significant change is the addition of member-to-member endorsements of skills and expertise, a kind of LinkedIn “Like” button for your co-workers past and present. Once a connection endorses you for a specific skill or expertise, you receive an email asking you to verify the endorsement and confirm you want that new skill or expertise added to your profile. If someone gives you a professional compliment via an endorsement, you‘ll want to log-in to the site to accept that compliment and add that endorsement to your LinkedIn profile. More member traffic means more recruiters rely on LinkedIn to find matches for job postings. If you want to get noticed by a high-tech recruiter, LinkedIn is a great place to start.

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LinkedIn also has a high-end product called that is even more tightly focused on the needs and requirements of professional recruiters. Think of as Salesforce for recruiting: hosted recruiting software that automates the process of searching and making contact with qualified applicants. Built on the foundation of LinkedIn’s user base and database search features, gives recruiters access to the full profile of every LinkedIn member, allows recruiters to store and manage frequently used applicant searches, automatically generate InMail -- LinkedIn’s internal email system -- to qualified applicants and offers more advanced LinkedIn search capabilities.

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