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Report: IT Security Demands Outpace Available Talent

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

It's pretty hard to find good help. At least, that's what a new report from Trustwave and Osterman Research says. The study says 57 percent of IT security professionals have a hard time finding available talent. 

The study polled 147 "IT security decision makers and influencers." It goes on to say that the combination of a lack of skills, bigger threats and corporate spending patterns are leaving companies open to data breaches, malware, phishing and other security problems. 

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The biggest challenges to finding good talent are simply finding and recruiting qualified people, but turnover is also a significant problem. Only eight percent believe that 75 percent of their current staff have the necessary skills and training they need, and 40 percent of the IT pros said that the most lacking skill sets were in the emerging and evolving security threats. Most of those polled would rather grow those skills rather than simply hire more people. But, one-third of those say they have trouble even identifying the IT security skills they need in the first place. 

"Typical recruiting methods are not proving fruitful yet we keep seeing enterprises simply throwing bodies at the problem when what is really needed is a better staff training, more budget support to hire the right personnel and additional assistance from experienced third-party experts to help amplify the more complicated and demanding areas of security like testing, monitoring and incident response," said Chris Schueler, senior vice president of managed security services at Trustwave. 

Perhaps just as alarming is that IT security professionals also report that they have little to no control over the security budget. Seven out of 10 of those organizations say there are disagreements between senior management and IT when it comes to budget and staffing. Osterman Research recommends IT pros form close relationships with senior management to solve these shortcomings.