Top 10 Online Cisco Certification Resources

Top 10 Online Cisco Certification Resources
Cisco Certification Pyramid

When it comes to IT certifications, perennial powerhouse Cisco Systems is right up there near the top of the category in terms of interest, perceived value, and size and heft of its overall program. The Cisco Certification Pyramid shows a well-elaborated family of credentials at many career and complexity levels, where both its Expert and Architect certifications -- most notably, the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert, or CCIE -- remain evergreen credentials in high demand, with lots of kudos and cachet, as well as considerable income-generating power. With such a huge certification program, and so many different credentials (34 outside the specialist arena, another 25 in that category) to choose from, my recommendations here only represent a small subset of all the offerings available. Be sure, therefore, to augment my recommendations with online searches of your own to find the very best resources for you!

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