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Tripwire Grows Presence In IT Security Market

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Tripwire Grows Its Presence In The IT Security MarketTripwire Grows Its Presence In The IT Security MarketTripwire and nCircle’s combined forces are poised to grow the cyber security market, serving over 7,000 customers worldwide worth $140 million.

With security threats on the rise, Tripwire’s recent acquisition of nCircle is positioning the two companies as one of the largest network security software providers on the market. Tripwire’s CEO Jim Johnson said the two companies “have the opportunity to be a powerful and transformational combination in the rapidly changing security market.”

nCircle provides information risk and security performance management solutions that help automate and monitor security performance across an organization. Their nine product offerings focus on continuous monitoring and risk reduction to enterprise level environments. nCircle, with headquarters in San Francisco, CA and offices in US, UK and Canada, currently offers on-premise, cloud and hybrid deployment options to businesses and government agencies.

Tripwire’s solutions center on compliance, availability and network security with an option for managed services. With its roots as an open source product, Tripwire’s security solutions help automate complex security tasks while offering intelligent insight through multiple data sources. Headquartered in Portland Oregon, and in offices in 15 countries, the company boasts a customer base that includes nearly half of the Fortune 500 companies.

“The combination of Tripwire and nCircle brings together the industry’s leading researchers and the broadest and deepest solutions for reducing risk” said Abe Kleinfeld, nCricle’s CEO. The deal between the two rival companies is set to close in April; the terms of the deal are yet undisclosed.

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