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Samsung Delays Android Security Software

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

Samsung has reportedly moved the launch date of a highly anticipated security software for its Android phones to July, 2013. The company announced in February that Knox would become available with the introduction of the Galaxy S4 smartphone. According to the New York Times, however, Samsung "needs more time to test the software internally and with carriers." In a statement, the company said that Knox will not be available until "a later date", the Times wrote.

Knox is the first major effort by an Android phone maker to directly address the growing concern of security threats on Android and provide a greater sense of protection from malware. Of course, Knox is also squarely aimed at Blackberry phones to offer the Galaxy phone as an alternative in environments with strong security requirements. Samsung previously mentioned that Knox was developed in collaboration with military contractor and supplier General Dynamics to be able to meet high security standards and requirements.

Besides Knox, Samsung introduced numerous additions to the Android platform, such as the ability to separate between private and business personas on a phone, which is a standout feature on the latest Blackberry phones. AirWatch provided additional extensions, which allow a user to configure a detailed use of Wi-Fi networks and app blacklisting. The Wall Street Journal reported that Samsung may be adding more business appeal into its phones down the road, for example with a rugged version of its S4 phone that would address durability requirements.

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