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IT: The Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing Shift

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

Today on Tom's IT Pro: Business Intelligence Transforms Your Organization plus Laptop External Battery Roundup.

Laura Paoletti, a veteran IT professional and executive, joins Tom's IT Pro as a regular contributor and columnist today. In her first article, Business Intelligence Transforms Your Organization, Laura speaks to the shifting staffing requirements organizations and IT pros face thanks to the rapidly changing nature of data management in the enterprise—due to the the transition of traditional Data Warehousing and management into smarter Business Intelligence.

As Laura points out, an organization's data is its most valuable asset. So addressing staffing needs is key for any enterprise that wishes to successfully morph from Data Warehousing into effective Business Intelligence.  The IT pros on hand must possess the right set of skills to enable companies to get the most out of the information they have on hand.

Laura lists the pros and cons for retooling existing data warehousing staff and provides a set of questions to ask data warehousing employees—or for them to ask themselves, really—when facing the  Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing transition. The article provides the reader with a clearer understanding of how to determine whether an individual (or data warehousing team) can effectively transition into new roles necessitated by this  transformation.

Also on Tom's IT Pro, you will also find a review roundup of external laptop batteries. In it, Tom Hardware's Andrew Ku examines 15 of these devices to see which will provide you with the most extra power when an outlet isn't nearby. The article, which  originally appeared here on Tom’s Hardware, has been edited for the busy IT pro. 

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