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Top 10 IT Help Desk Solutions

Top 10 IT Help Desk Solutions
The Front Lines

They are known as the Help Desk, the Service Desk -- sometimes referred to as the "Help-less" Desk.  Whether in-house or outsourced, local or remote -- they are that first layer that lies between a user and an organization.  Depending on that initial experience, the Help Desk can forever be seen as the hero or the zero.  The reality is, these guys (and gals) can directly impact an employee’s productivity – which, by virtue of association, can also impact a business’s productivity.  Not only do they troubleshoot computer issues, but they track potential bugs and provide ensured escalations for issues need a certain level of expertise and that these issure are resolved in a timely manner.  Additionally, they provide the metrics that can help a business trace patterns or bottlenecks.  And the more information they have with which to work, the more effective they tend to be.

Help Desk solutions have come a long way since The IT Crowd ‘automated’ system.  Back in the 90’s, there were but a handful of Help Desk solutions on the market.  Today’s offerings are more sophisticated and there is much more to take into consideration when choosing a solution for your organization, such as:

 - implementation of best practices

 - configurability/customization and integration

 - modern vs. aged technology

 - web-enabled/multi-location

 - scalability

 - company focus and product stability

 - ease of use

 - customer service

 - pricing model and TCO

 - and any other mitigating intangibles.

Pink Elephant (, the IT Management Experts, have certified which Help Desk solutions meet the requirements for ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) v3 processes. PinkVERIFY is an objective software tool assessment service, validating toolsets that meet a set of functional requirements, as defined by ITIL best practices.  Here are ten of those top solutions and their PinkVERIFY ratings.

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