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Oracle Shipping Java 8 In March With Known Bugs Intact

By - Source: Oracle

Mathias Axelsson, Oracle's Java Development Kit (JDK) 8 release manager, said on Monday that the company plans to release the JDK on March 18, even if it contains a few minor bugs. A release candidate is expected to make an appearance in the latter part of January.

"At this stage only showstoppers (P1) are being considered for fixing in the initial JDK 8 release. Non-showstopper bugs will be deferred to a later release in order to ensure we keep to the JDK 8 schedule and can ship on March 18," Axelsson writes.

Axelsson said builders of the JDK have been working hard on bug fixing in order to get the release candidate ready for the end of January. "We have a few fixes that are pending integration but overall things are looking very good and we're on-track to have the release candidate built before the January 23 deadline," Axelsson adds.

This won't be the first time Oracle released Java with bugs. Java SE 7 in 2011 had compiler problems, and Java client security is reportedly plagued with ongoing issues, some of which Oracle reportedly addressed on Tuesday with the release of 36 fixes for Java SE.  

"As we're approaching the deadline for building the final release candidate we're making some slight changes to the build promotion schedule. The January 16 promoted build will be done according to the build schedule," Axelsson said.

"Beyond that date builds will be made on demand based on what fixes have gone in. We're making this adjustment to keep the turnaround time as short as possible if we have to take a fix and respin," he adds.

Oracle reportedly declined to comment on Axelsson's update.

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