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Jetico's BestCrypt: Portable Encrypted Storage Containers That Make Life Easier

By - Source: Jetico
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Encrypted containers and full disk encryption (FDE) are not new. They have existed pretty much since personal computers with sufficiently powerful CPUs have been around. The historical problem has been lack of interoperability between different operating systems. Until recently, one of the few multi OS container-based encryption systems was TrueCrypt. However, with the sudden demise of the TrueCrypt website and the disappearance of the authors, the trustworthiness of the code was understandably called into question. The last version of TrueCrypt released was rumored to not even encrypt the volumes in question. Users who needed true multi-platform support were left with few choices. Thankfully this is no longer the case.

Jetico has just released its latest version of the BestCrypt data encryption product that provides the aforementioned much-needed multi OS support. Other new features include the ability to set up an encrypted container of a fixed size. This can obviate issues that sometimes occur when the device upon which the encrypted container sits does not have enough free space to expand the encrypted containers.

As with any modern encryption tool, it has additional capabilities such as Full Disk Encryption. For enterprise users, there is also centralized key management infrastructure built in so that encrypted volumes and drives are more easily managed by IT staff. Other easy-to-use features include support for RAID-based devices and two factor authentication, as well as pre-boot execution, if desired. Also included is a tool to wipe slack space after encryption -- a thoughtful addition users will be pleased to see.

In short, the latest version of the Jetico encryption software has features that would suit businesses both large and small, with useful tools included that are rarely seen in similar offerings from other vendors.