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JFrog Mission Control Expands Artifactory Managability Across Regional Datacenters

By - Source: JFrog

JFrog has announced its third product release, JFrog Mission Control, which joins Artifactory and Bintray to offer a more complete distribution for development artifacts for even the largest customers with distribution requirements that span multiple datacenters across separate regions.

JFrog Artifactory is an artifact repository and control system that allows developers to check in and keep an up to date inventory of the latest versions of media, software libraries, and image sets for consistent and regulated use within software development. By using Artifactory, development teams can be sure that they are using the most current versions of those files that support their development efforts. Bintray improves upon this solution by providing a distribution management system that also manages the automation of downloads to Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

While both of those products fit to give a measure of control to the software development managers, a new need arose for the largest customers. Though distribution between repositories was possible, there were gaps in the service. Mission Control was developed to manage the interaction between disparate JFrog Artifactory repositories, always making sure that the developers have access to the latest versions, as well as making sure that any localized versions required by one region are present and available for that group.

Another advantage that Mission Control offers JFrog customers is an increased focus on security. Again, with the largest customers, JFrog became aware that there were more changes to the organizational structure. More developers joining, leaving and changing roles presented a challenge to keeping the proper access to the repositories up to date. Mission Control provides a direct path into the security Application Programming Interface (API) of JFrog to allow a more streamlined approach to account management than what JFrog Artifactory provides on its own.

Mission Control is available as a free download, beginning today. Though technically a limited release, there are no restrictions to the download. The reason for the "limited" in the title is to help set the expectations; as a version 1.0 product, there could still be some items that crop up when a wider user base begins to implement Mission Control than were previously tested. As feedback comes in, there will be improvements made as opportunities present themselves and new features are considered. In spite of the "limited" release, JFrog is confident in both the usability and the stability of Mission Control in this current release.