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Kaspersky Pivots Portfolio to Address Advanced Attacks; Updates Service Offerings

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Kaspersky Labs, one of the early leaders in antivirus and client endpoint protection, announced the new Anti Targeted Attack Platform at the RSA Conference 2016. This solution, developed over the past two years, positions Kaspersky in a different light with its customers as the security world evolves from pure protection to a blended approach of detect, predict and respond.

There are two components to the announcement. First is the core Platform, which utilizes Kaspersky’s Threat Intelligence Services to address the advanced human-directed attacks (something that traditional antivirus and anti-malware are incapable of seeing until it’s too late). The second aspect is around services. Kaspersky has bundled together its Security Intelligence Services, Security Assessment Services and Cybersecurity Training. There is also an updated Threat Intelligence Feed that offers customized reports in addition to inputs to security tools.

The Anti Targeted Attack Platform leverages input data from three areas: network, web and email sensors. Paired with Kaspersky’s Targeted Attack Analyzer and Sandbox engines, this provides a wide view of the current-state risks to the organization. This solution better utilizes Kaspersky’s deep research and proprietary threat data, now refocused on identifying and highlighting unusual human actions. This is wrapped into customers’ workflows.

“It’s clear the evolving threat landscape has reached a new level of sophistication that requires an advanced and innovative approach for cybersecurity, including and extending beyond endpoint solutions,” said Mike Canavan, VP, Product Management, Kaspersky. “Anyone who looks at recent cyberthreat data knows that it’s imperative for an effective security platform to predict, prevent, detect and respond to all cyberattacks.”

Targeted human attacks and advanced cyber-weapons are increasingly used for the purposes of cyber-espionage or disruption of business activity. And while they represent just under 1% of the threat landscape (according to Kaspersky), they result in the greatest damage and present the highest risk to global organizations. The number of these attacks is growing steadily, as attackers have knowledge, tools and patience. Unfortunately, the price-per-attack is shrinking, because a targeted attack can now be unsophisticated and still be successful.

Kaspersky’s updated solution set should be attractive to current customers looking at next-generation tools. Combining the core antivirus and anti-malware with the new Anti Targeted Attack Platform, Kaspersky now has the components to offer a unified solution to prevent, detect, respond and predict evolution of next generation of attacks.

Update, 3/1/16, 12:10pm PT: The Anti Targeted Attack Platform will be available 2H16.