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Kaspersky Rolls Out a New Secure Operating System

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

Kaspersky took the wraps off a new secure operating system for network devices, industrial control systems and Internet of Things devices. The company's blog post insists this is not just another version of Linux, and says that the core of this code is security. 

"It's a system that does what it's instructed to and is unable to do anything else. With traditional operating systems, that's impossible. In order to create a secure environment, we need to enable global Default Deny at the process level and wrap it into a microkernel," said Eugene Kaspersky on his blog. 

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The KasperskyOS is a combination of three main features. The operating system itself, a standalone secure hypervisor and a dedicated system for secure interaction among OS components. Companies can also customize the code with the help of the company to make sure the OS is purpose built. Kaspersky admits that this is a niche system. Pricing, obviously, will be tied to the level of customization your company requires.