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Kemp Releases vRealize Plug-In For Fast Load Balancer Deployments

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

Kemp Technologies, a company known for its load balancing and application delivery solutions, introduced its LoadMaster plug-in for VMware's vRealize Orchestrator (vRO) during this year's VMworld conference in San Francisco. The plug-in is designed to help organizations using Kemp LoadMaster products to streamline their load balancer deployment processes in order to benefit from quick and efficient application delivery.

VMware vRealize Orchestrator is an IT process automation tool that helps virtualization admins extend delivery services and operations, allowing admins to build and automate workflows, ultimately accelerating the design and deployment of virtual infrastructure processes. 

As we all know, manual repetition in IT can hinder productivity and introduce error; automation eliminates all that. For a virtual environment, having automation tools is key, especially in the virtual age when a sysadmin can spend minutes, rather than hours or days, deploying an enterprise device.

The workflow engine in vRealize Orchestrator takes advantage of systems' accessible APIs, like vCenter, whose plug-ins already come pre-installed, allowing vRO to employ other management solutions via its plug-in based architecture.

Used with vRO, the new LoadMaster plug-in facilitates load balancer provisioning for VMware environments by providing the components needed to create workflows that build and configure virtual LoadMaster appliances. By using the plug-in, organizations can take advantage of Kemp's layer 2-7 load balancing/application delivery controller solutions and direct traffic efficiently.

The components brought in by the Kemp Loadmaster plug-in add several canned actions that can be used to create workflows. Some of the actions included are:

  • addLoadMaster
  • backupLoadMaster \ restoreLoadMaster
  • addVirtualService
  • getParameter \ setParameter
  • enableAPI\ disableAPI
  • backupCerts \ restoreCerts

Using the provided actions from the LoadMaster plug-in, a virtualization admin can then build out the automated process to deploy a fully serviceable load balancing appliance. The following illustration shows a vRealize Orchestrator example of a workflow that spins up a LoadMaster VM, configures a virtual service and attaching an application server's back end.