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Laptop Encryption: One Way Not To Get Sued

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

Today on Toms IT Pro: Deploying Laptop Encryption

With loss and theft an inescapable fact of life, IT pros can never be too careful about how they go about securing company data. In addition to possible competitive consequences, there could be legal ramifications as well. That is, say, or instance, customer data falls into the wrong hands.

In our two part series on Laptop Encryption, Michael Felker—a veteran enterprise security manager—makes the business and technical case for encrypting data on company laptop computers.

In Part I, he delves into key technical and management considerations before taking a notebook encryption plan company wide. He also explains how it is essential, with any such plan, to determine which content to encrypt (e.g. folders, files or the whole drive) as well.

Protect Company DataProtect Company Data

Moving onto Part II, Felker covers factors you should consider when estimating the cost for bringing laptop encryption to mobile employees.  Once you’ve got the budget figured out, he then discusses what IT professionals should consider when determining not just the scope of the project but the underlining policies to implement and enforce it.

Take Felker’s recommendations to heart and you’ll be that much closer to keeping your organization’s information safe from the prying eyes.

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