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Formerly Iomega, LenovoEMC Targets the SMB and Enterprise

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On January 3, 2013,  Lenovo and EMC joined forces with a mission to advance the SMB storage market, taking over innovation for the complete line of Iomega NAS products. This week, the joint venture announced a rebranding of Iomega products, programs and social media accounts to LenovoEMC. Iomega product are now officially LenovoEMC.

The well-known Iomega brand has been around for just over 33 years, has sold over 430 million storage drives and disks, and racked up over 150 patents, according to the company. In 2008 EMC acquired Iomega for $213 million, but kept the Iomega brand intact. When Lenovo and EMC created LenovoEMC, Iomega became history; the rebranding was planned from the get-go. And as you might have guessed, Lenovo holds the majority interest, hence its name appears first.

       @Iomega is now @LenovoEMC

Since the partnership started, LenovoEMC announced LifeLine 4.0, an updated OS for its network storage products as well as a new line of high performance Network Video Recorders (NVRs). The LifeLine 4.0 announcement in April already hinted at the rebranding of Iomega NAS devices with LenovoEMC; the new NVRs were branded with the new company name.

The strategic partnership between Lenovo and EMC hopes to leverage the strengths of both companies. The venture plans to “develop a unified storage platform within Lenovo’s Enterprise Product Group” according to Roy Guillen, VP of the Enterprise Product Group at Lenovo. LenovoEMC is targeting not only the SMB storage market, but also remote branches and distributed enterprises.

LenovoEMC branded network storage devices are now available worldwide. Learn more at

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