Best Linux Certifications For 2016

Best Linux Certifications For 2016

Certifications for IT professionals working in Linux server environments include an interesting mix of vendor-neutral and distribution-specific credentials. Here are the five of the best Linux certs for 2016.

Twenty-odd years after Linus Torvalds developed Linux, the operating system has become a genuine force in the computing industry. While Linux is not widely used on desktops (comprising a little under one percent of the overall desktop operating system market share in September 2015, according to NetMarketShare), it is extraordinarily strong on the web server side, where it enjoys a market share of around 53.2 percent (W3Techs).

IT professionals invest considerable time learning about server computing for everything from installation, configuration, maintenance, virtualization, to application support and so forth. And perforce, this also means that many IT professionals are working with and around Linux operating systems on a daily basis, often alongside Windows and various actual UNIX OS brands as well.

It should come as no surprise that the best of the Linux certifications vie for considerable mindshare among IT professionals and present an interesting mix of distribution (or brand) agnostic credentials alongside some pretty formidable vendor-specific credentials as well. Nor should anyone be surprised that there are multiple well-elaborated certification ladders available to those interested in devoting long-term time and effort into learning, using and mastering the Linux operating system environment and all the many bells and whistles it so cheerfully supports.

In Table 1, you'll find the results of a job search we conducted on several popular job boards to see which Linux certifications employers are looking for when hiring new employees. While the results vary from day to day (and job board to job board), this should provide you with some idea of the Linux-related certifications employers were seeking as we wrote this update.

Table 1: Job Board Survey Results

CompTIA Linux+80920572339291 
Oracle Linux OCA61115003330239
Oracle Linux OCP158407301316705

Click through each of the following sections to learn about our top five Linux certification picks for 2016, listed in no particular order.

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