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Logentries Goes All-In On Docker Container Logging

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Logentries, a provider of analytics and log management for the cloud, announced a new comprehensive logging container for Docker. Moving to virtualized servers required new methods for collecting and analyzing log data. The move to containers, usually also on a virtualized server, makes aggregating and using log data even trickier. The latest Logentries update allows for the aggregation of logs and stats from containers, hosts and applications all in one place.

"Logentries allows us to drill down to the performance, health and status of individual Docker containers. With this information we can size and optimize our Docker containers to match workloads and the available resources," said Warren Howard, Technical Director, Cohaesus.

The Logentries logging container for Docker is designed to receive both the Docker container stream of log data and the log data from the host, as well as the stream of data from the Docker stats APIs. By collecting both sets of data, administrators have a more comprehensive view of the entire Docker environment. This new version offers configurable frequency for stats API collection, allowing for more verbose or less verbose logging based on the needs of the organization.

The Logentries container is itself cloud-based, and collects and pre-processes log events in real-time. Coupled with custom tagging and filtering, administrators have the capability for on-demand analysis, as well as a way to generate reports from historical data, all from a centralized dashboard.

There are several tiers of pricing, based primarily on the amount of data sent and that data's time of retention. For example, the "Starter" level allows up to 30 GB/month with 14-day retention for $39 per month, while the "Team" tier offers 150 GB/month and 30-day retention for $265 per month. A $349 per month "Enterprise" level provides unlimited data and retention.

The company does offer a free 30-day trial for companies to try out the product.