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Logentries Announces First Real-Time Analytics Integrated with Google Cloud Platform

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

Logentries is a leading player in the log management and analytics service market for the cloud. Today, the company announced that it is now the first third-party service to offer real-time integration with the Google Cloud Platform via the Cloud Pub/Sub API.

Like any other platform, businesses need insight into how their Google Cloud assets are performing. The Google Cloud Platform currently offers logging via the native Google Cloud Logging service. For more advanced or specialized log analysis, the Google Cloud Pub/Sub API allows the forwarding of these logs to third-party services in real time. Logentries is the first third-party service to fully integrate these features.

Logentries' new Google Cloud Platform integration provides a solution for real-time event monitoring, advanced analytics, alerts, anomaly detection and data visualizations. It uses a unique pre-processing engine to perform advanced analysis on incoming Google log data, reducing the requirement to dig out system or user activity with manual queries. For example, the pre-processing engine automatically tags important events like warnings, errors and exceptions to make them easy to see in a live view.

With this level of integration, companies can alert to critical activity, or inactivity, on their cloud applications. Notifications can be sent via email, or numerous third-party APIs and tools such as Slack or PagerDuty. Deepak Tiwari, Product Manager, Google Cloud, said "Many of Google Compute Engine customers already use Logentries for advanced log analysis. This integration enables customers to use Logentries for Google App Engine and service like Cloud Dataflow as well and makes it even easier to get started."

Logs from Google Cloud Platform contain full metadata with every log entry, allowing further analysis. Logentries integration with Google Cloud Platform means users can now build data visualizations with streaming log data. Furthermore, events from Google App Engine and Google Compute Engine can be correlated to help identify root causes of issues. "The Google Cloud Pub/Sub API is a powerful service for routing messages from multiple cloud and third party resources at scale," said Trevor Parsons, Co-founder and Chief Scientist of Logentries. "With the new Logentries integration, Google customers are now able to generate powerful correlations, visualizations and alerts from disparate sources of application and system-level data -- all in real time."

Logentries offers a free 30-day trial for interested customers.