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LSI's Syncro CS Storage Solution Now Supports Linux

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LSI Corporation said on Tuesday that its Syncro CS storage solution now serves an even larger customer base thanks to support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. The solution is ideal for small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) and remote and branch offices (ROBO) looking for shared storage and storage controller failover at a fraction of the cost.

"With a substantial Linux user base in SMB and ROBO, LSI is pleased to now offer Syncro CS to meet their storage sharing and failover needs for business-critical data," said Jas Tremblay vice president of marketing, Datacenter Solutions Group, LSI. "High availability storage systems will become an important asset for businesses of all sizes as the value of data continues to grow."

Based on the company's MegaRAID technology, Syncro CS solutions use two controller cards to allow system administrators to build a shared DAS solution. The 9286-8e version provides shared storage clustering using two volume servers and an off-the-shelf JBOD (just a bunch of disks) -- controller to controller connectivity is provided through the SAS interface. This version also allows for resource load balancing so that applications are using the most responsive server.

The 9271-8i version enables two-node Cluster-in-a-Box systems to deliver high availability in a single self-contained CiB form factor. The company said it collaborated with OS and server industry leaders to develop this specific solution, which uses two storage RAID controllers with two servers to provide a redundant, simplified server failover cluster. Installation can be conducted during system assembly, the company said.

"Red Hat Enterprise Linux has demonstrated industry-leading quality, stability and reliability, and the availability of Syncro CS running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux brings high availability for DAS environments to the datacenter in a new way, giving customers access to a promising technology that can significantly reduce the cost of many different architectures and workloads," said Doug Williams, senior director, Strategic Initiatives, Office of the CTO, Red Hat. "Additionally, LSI Syncro combined with the software-defined storage and volume economics of Red Hat Storage creates valuable new use cases, especially around long-term storage repositories."

LSI launched the Syncro CS storage products back in June, operating on Microsoft Windows Server 2012. The company worked closely with Microsoft so that the two units would work optimally with the new operating system. Windows Server 2012 provides failover clustering and management capabilities, and LSI delivers the clustered storage subsystem, the company said.

"High availability is considered a universal business need regardless of business size or industry," the company said. "When business-critical data is not accessible, the results can be lost revenue, lost productivity and reduced customer satisfaction. LSI Syncro CS is designed to reduce downtime for critical applications, making failover latency transparent to the application or user."

For more information about Syncro CS, head here.

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