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MapR Releasing Streams, Turning Full Data Stacks Into Pub And Sub Feeds

By - Source: MapR

MapR has announced a new product that encompasses a full data stack, bringing data in motion together with data at rest. "Streams" collects and processes those data sources, turning them into a stream that can be published and subscribed to, so that reports and systems utilizing the data get a more comprehensive view of the big picture.

Streams is able to gather data from multiple sources, whether it’s data held in a database or storage system, or data being processed in real time from sources such as payment processing and the Internet of Things (IoT).

The real push here is to help gain some sense of control over the increasing amount of data that is being generated, especially in the context of IoT, which is only growing faster. The amount of individual data points is set to explode. But the amount of data being generated is useful only if it can be turned into operational knowledge and therefore become actionable. Without this context, the flood of data blends into a cacophony, and even understanding some data from a source could give the wrong analysis without the supporting data from the other sources.

By being able to implement this solution as a platform, MapR Streams enables developers to create applications and generate reports more quickly and effectively than before. Once subscribed into the data presentation, the applications will continue to get a steady stream of the most up to date information possible. And because the connections need to be established just once for an organization, individual applications are not responsible for making the data connections and coding how the data works together from the multiple sources.

“Bringing together world-class Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark with a top-ranked NoSQL database and now continuous, reliable streaming with global scale is a huge step forward in enabling enterprise developers to create the next-gen apps using big data,” said Anil Gadre, senior vice president, product management, MapR Technologies. “MapR continues to execute on its vision of making it easy for enterprises to get the competitive edge from big data by bringing together all of the essential components.”

For those exploring the world of Big Data and wanting to make the most of data from multiple sources, MapR provides free training on the topics of Hadoop and Apache Spark. MapR Streams will be available early in 2016.

Update, 12/10/15, 12:02pm PT: MapR clarified that Streams will be available early in 2016. We have amended the article accordingly.