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MariaDB Announces Summer 2015 Release With Enhanced DevOps Features

By - Source: MariaDB

MariaDB has announced the summer 2015 release of MariaDB Enterprise. The new version features enhanced DevOps functionality with support for Docker and Chef. MariaDB is an open-source fork of MySQL created by the original authors of MySQL after Sun Microsystems' purchase of MySQL in 2008.

MariaDB is now the default database in Red Hat and SUSE Linux distributions. In addition to MariaDB's inclusion in many cloud stacks like Pivotal Cloud Foundry, MariaDB has famously become the database of choice for Google and Wikipedia.

"In just five years, the adoption of MariaDB for new applications and the migration to MariaDB from MySQL and other RDBMSs has been tremendous," said Patrik Sallner, CEO of MariaDB. "We enable our customers to extend their database solutions to address high availability, scalability and performance at considerable total cost of ownership (TCO) savings. Now with the Summer 2015 release of MariaDB Enterprise, our customers and partners can realize even further gains through developer enablement and DevOps productivity."

DevOps can benefit from MariaDB's support for Docker Containers. The summer 2015 release also adds support for the Chef infrastructure automation framework. Chef cookbooks and recipes are written in Ruby and express infrastructure configuration in code. MariaDB MaxScale is a database-centric proxy that sits between the client application and the database and provides load balancing, a high performance binlog relay, a database firewall filter and a schema sharding router, and it provides failure detection and failover.

MariaDB Enterprise is available with the choice of the basic MariaDB Enterprise Standard subscription, with access to certified binaries and technical support. The MariaDB Enterprise Advanced subscription offer adds third party tools, enhanced support and proactive maintenance. An Enterprise Cluster subscription is available for highly available production environments.

MariaDB Enterprise summer 2015 is available immediately.