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Slideshow: Hottest IT Certifications for 2013

Slideshow: Hottest IT Certifications for 2013

In racking my brain, and combing through a raft of surveys, certification slates, and prognostications for the coming year – 2013, that is – I’ve compiled a list of extremely interesting and potentially valuable IT certifications for professionals to ponder. To make things easy for individuals at various stages of career development, where the credentials in question represent mid- or late-career items (as most of them do) I provide pointers to potential pre-cursors to help those in earlier career stages to begin working toward these always attractive targets. Alas, given the time it takes to climb the certification ladder to the point where you can step on targeted rungs, you may find yourself going after credentials that are no longer as attractive as they looked when this story first appeared in November 2012. But that’s the way the certification cookie crumbles, and if you don’t shoot for the stars, you’ll never get to explore any interstellar spaces, either! (shutterstock credit)

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