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Absolute Software Introduces CompuTrace Mobile Theft Management for iOS

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

Absolute Software, a Vancouver based company, announced their launch of Computrace Mobile Theft Management (MTM), a unique recovery solution for iPads and iPad Minis. 

Coupled with theft recovery and a comprehensive loss management program, Absolute Software backs up its service with their ‘absolute’ guarantee.  The loss management program includes tools IT can use for best practices for responsible device use.  Absolute's Investigations and Recovery Services works closely with local police departments and has, to date, “assisted in more than 28,000 successful recoveries in 97 countries”, according to Absolute Software CEO, John Livingston. 

The Loss Prevention program includes:

  • Device registration within the Absolute Device Database
  • Identity tags
  • Internal awareness campaigns
  • Device discovery and return services

The Theft Investigation process consists of:

  • Initiation of the rapid response service
  • Initiation of an investigation to garner information and evidence for police
  • Preparation of court-ready investigative reports and other case critical work.

With the theft of iPhones and iPads on the rise, businesses and schools that distribute these iOS devices feel that Computrace has given them the assurance that these programs can continue to flourish with the security MTM provides.

For more information and pricing, check out Absolute Software.

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