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Best Mobile Device Management 2017

Best Mobile Device Management 2017

Making sense of mobile device management solutions can be tough. On the surface, the MDM tools seem very much the same, but each has its strengths and weaknesses. This comparison guide will introduce you to seven key MDM vendors and their mobile management solutions, as well as a few more you might want to consider.

Mobility is being embraced by end users and business leaders alike, and IT departments are left with the balancing act of securing corporate data and ensuring productivity. According to analytics firm IDC, 90 percent of companies support BYOD policies, which make mobile device management options a must. 

Today, IT administrators have a lot of choices when it comes to enterprise mobility management (EMM) and many businesses are opting for MDM solutions that offer more control than mobile application management (MAM) or mobile content management (MCM).  

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Most MDM solutions can support both corporate-owned and personal devices, including smartphones and tablets, and many cater to a variety of mobile operating systems. However, each solution is unique, offering different levels of support, integration, management and usability; additionally, each MDM tool handles data security and privacy differently. When choosing an appropriate mobile device management solution, IT administrators should evaluate not only their organization's compliance and security requirements, but also their end users' needs and how the solution fits within their current IT infrastructure.  

To help IT admins make sense of what the enterprise mobile device management solutions have to offer and how they should approach their purchasing decisions, we considered these three criteria: 

  • Integration and Compatibility 
  • Management 
  • Security 

MDM Vendor Comparison  

In the pages that follow, you'll find important details of some important MDM solutions. Our hope is that this information will help you get started with evaluating enterprise MDM solutions to figure out which one is right for your business. We've provided merely the highlights and you can visit the websites and talk to the representatives of each of these companies to get more. 

The enterprise mobility space is changing rapidly and you'll see it shifting even more as companies are bought and sold and solutions merge with others.   
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