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Mellanox CloudX: Reference Architecture To Build A Cloud

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

Mellanox Technologies has announced the CloudX reference architecture for developing cloud platforms, including private (on-premises), public and hybrid clouds. Mellanox specializes in high-performance interconnect solutions for data centers and is combining this knowledge along with its OpenCloud architecture to help you build a CloudX appliance using off-the-shelf components and open source technologies

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With the rising popularity of flash storage in the enterprise, it's no surprise that the cloud platform's storage is entirely flash-based. CloudX also utilizes Mellanox's own 40Gb/s and 56Gb/s interconnect solutions.

"Cloud is becoming the most important technology in the data center, and future applications must run on the most efficient cloud with the best interconnect," says Gilad Shainer, vice president of marketing at Mellanox Technologies. "Mellanox CloudX is built around Mellanox's 56Gb/s InfiniBand and Ethernet Virtual Protocol Interconnect solutions, enabling the fastest data transfer and effective utilization of compute, storage and Flash components to allow companies to develop new applications with unbounded cloud performance."

Mellanox CloudX Open Cloud Architecture. Image courtesy of Mellanox.Mellanox CloudX Open Cloud Architecture. Image courtesy of Mellanox.Mellanox is supporting open source architectures by letting you opt for open source-based software, like OpenStack, OpenFlow and Ceph. The company is also partnering with several other vendors such as Red Hat, Dome9 and Mirantis. Red Hat's senior director of Global Ecosystems, Mike Werner says the collaboration aims to "bring choice and the full power of OpenStack to enterprise customers." 

CloudX OpenCloud Architecture Example. Image courtesy of Mellanox.CloudX OpenCloud Architecture Example. Image courtesy of Mellanox.Mellanox already has a history within the open source IT world. In early February Mellanox released an Ethernet application programming interface (API) as part of the Open Ethernet Initiative. In January the company released the first 40Gb Ethernet NIC based on designs from the Open Compute Project.


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