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Mellanox Open Sources Ethernet Switch Load Balancing

By - Source: Mellanox

As part of the community driven-Open Ethernet program, Mellanox Technologies announced on Tuesday that Ethernet Switch MLAG functionality is now available as open source.

Thanks to MLAG (Multi Chassis Link Aggregation), a host can now connect to two standalone switches with a pair of load balanced bonded interfaces. This solution can be installed and run on a Linux host by downloading the open source code on github. Check out: Open Source Software Defined Networking Tools

"Mellanox continues to drive the community effort to enable Open Ethernet switch solutions for cloud, web 2.0 and enterprise data centers," said Amit Katz, senior director of Ethernet switch product marketing at Mellanox Technologies. "The open source MLAG release allows companies to improve their switch software stack by offering their customers enhanced network resiliency and better utilization of their network."

Open Ethernet allows companies to choose the right switch solution without restrictions. Open Ethernet also provides means to easily separate the hardware from the software, enabling better control over network sources. That means getting "the best switch solution for the various, changing data center needs."

MLAG - Multi-chassis link aggregationMLAG - Multi-chassis link aggregationAccording to Mellanox, Open Ethernet allows any software (even commercial, vendor proprietary software) to be run on any switch hardware. Even more, the hardware or the software can be changed without also changing the other components.

Open Ethernet "allows IT managers and data center planners the option to make independent selections with regard to their switching equipment and to ‘mix and match’ offerings from different equipment vendors to achieve optimal configuration and have better control of both capital and operating expenses," explains Mellanox announcement.

The Open Ethernet page adds that hardware vendors provide the hardware, the drivers and the hardware control, and that the hardware platform must also comply with available operating systems. "The hardware drivers expose Open API, which is a standard, open interface that allows integration into any Open Ethernet protocol and application," the company announcement adds.

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