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Mellanox Announces ConnectX-4, Final Piece Of 100Gb Interconnect Solution

By - Source: Mellanox

Mellanox today announced the final piece in the 100Gb puzzle. The company's new ConnectX-4 VPI adapter card stands as the last component needed for a full, end-to-end 100Gb/s throughput system.

"IDC expects the use of 100Gb/s interconnects to begin ramping up in 2015," said Steve Conway, research VP for high-performance computing at IDC. "Most HPC data centers need high bandwidth, low latency and strong overall interconnect performance to remain competitive in today’s increasingly data-driven world."

The ConnectX-4 offers many configuration options. The card supports 10, 20, 25, 40, 50, 56 and 100Gb Ethernet throughput, as well as InfiniBand standards SDR, DDR, QDR, FDR and EDR. The ConnectX-4 is a dual port card, and each port can be configured independently -- that is, one port can be used for Ethernet and the other for InfiniBand, or both can be used for the same standard.

The new adapter is also compatible with a slew of system architectures, including ARM, x86, GPU, POWER and FPGA.

The ConnectX-4's performance is fairly impressive, keeping latency under 0.7usec and delivering 150 million messages per second. Of course, Mellanox has incorporated RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE), v1 and v2.

Other performance enhancing capabilities include support for overlay network offload features, such as Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS), Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN) and Network Virtualization using GRE (NVGRE).

For those more interested in the storage side, the ConnectX-4 supports RAID offload with Reed-Solomon calculations and T10-DIF, as well as full on-chip data path protection.

A complete 100Gb/s throughput structure mostly targets high-performance computing (HPC), big data, and other performance-hungry operations, but that's only for right now. What will the demands be next year?

"With the exponential growth of data, the need for increased bandwidth and lower latency becomes a necessity to stay competitive. The same applies to the high-performance computing and the Web 2.0 markets," according to Eyal Waldman, president and CEO of Mellanox.

The ConnectX-4 begins sampling in Q1 of 2015. For more information, or to see the company's other 100Gb/s hardware solutions, visit Mellanox's product page.