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Metalogix ControlPoint 7 Increases Context Aware Security Analytics For SharePoint

By - Source: Metalogix

Metalogix has announced ControlPoint 7.0, an update to the security and data context analysis software used to lock down content held in SharePoint lists and libraries. ControlPoint 7.0 includes security and feature enhancements to help identify abnormal browsing activity and prevent data breaches and leaks.

"Data breaches are one of the top concerns for CIOs, CSOs and their IT organizations," said Steven Murphy, CEO, Metalogix. "The primary focus today has been on securing and hardening the perimeter against outside threats, but little has been done to address the risk of insider threats. SharePoint is a central content collaboration platform for enterprises with highly sensitive data that is exposed and at risk."

SharePoint administrators are all too familiar with the mix of security and permissions that go into setting up SharePoint. There are built in SharePoint groups, as well as Active Directory groups. Permissions are applied, sometimes inconsistently, across site collections, sites, libraries and documents. Further complicating security and permissions administration for SharePoint is the fact that the software is designed to be able to share content, and site administrators usually have enough rights to change permissions to content in their site.

Although all of these permissions options make SharePoint a flexible and appealing system for making content accessible, that comes with its own sets of problems when trying to prevent unauthorized access at a farm-wide scale. "Current solutions simply can't provide the proactive intelligence and insight required to protect this critical content repository," said Murphy. "With ControlPoint 7.0 we are addressing this security gap and changing the game for SharePoint security by automating and providing the insight and proactive management organizations need to identify and lock-down sensitive content to minimize the risk of data leakage."

ControlPoint 7.0 uses analytics on content stored in the sites and libraries to calculate risk. It also is able to monitor changes to the environment and, by performing traffic analysis, can identify behaviors that are suspicious and take action to lock down the environment. Suspicious traffic detection is based on several factors, including behaviors and geo-location of the traffic source. When identified, ControlPoint can take actions against the users, locking them out and reporting the activity to administrators.