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Mellanox Updates MetroX RDMA InfiniBand and Long-Haul Solutions

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Mellanox Updates Thier MetroX RDMA SolutionsMellanox Updates Thier MetroX RDMA SolutionsMellanox has announced two major improvements to their MetroX RDMA InfiniBand and Long-Haul solutions. The MetroX TX6200 can now reach distances up to 100km, while the new MetroDX TX6000 switch now supports 18 long-haul ports for distances up to 1km.

Earlier today Mellanox Technologies announced improvements to their MetroX products which focus on enabling high-performance, long-reach RDMA connectivity for data centers and storage systems across different locations. The improved MetroX line of products utilizes new RDMA InfiniBand technology to ensure high throughput and low latency, providing improved connectivity of remote data centers. In short, the new MetroX solutions will be able to accommodate longer distances without compromising performance.

The MetroX TX6200 is aimed at long distance connectivity supporting two long-haul ports at 40GB/s that will allow data transfers up to 100km. This translates into a 90km improvement from the current 6 port TX6100 system, which was just released last month. The TX6200 will allow for a more efficient connection between servers within a large data center as well as between campus and metro data centers.

The new MetroDX TX6000 is aimed at shorter distances, supporting 18 long-haul ports at 40GB/s that can reach distances of up to 1km. Comparing this to the MetroX TX600 switch which extends networks up to 10km, but only supports 6 ports and 480MB/s of aggregate data compared to 720GB/s in the upcoming DX system.

Mellanox’s focus on bringing lossless RDMA connectivity to geographically distributed sites is not a new endeavor. “The need for long-haul InfiniBand and Ethernet with RDMA connectivity is constantly growing” said Gilad Shainer, Mellanox VP of Market Development, in today’s press release. “Utilizing Mellanox high throughput interconnect solutions, our customers were able to reduce their database recovery from days to hours, thus maintain their business continuity and gain competitive edge.”

 The MetroDX TX6000 and MetroX TX6200 will be available during the second quarter of 2013.

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